François-Xavier Brajot, PhD, CCC-SLP, is Assistant Professor in Communication Sciences and Disorders at Ohio University.

Dr. Brajot’s research focuses on the neurobiology of speech sensorimotor integration in adults, including effects of aging and disease processes. He conducts research on auditory and tactile feedback perturbations, their effect on speech acoustics, psychoacoustics and evoked-response potentials, and the potential for translating these controlled effects to a clinical setting. This is a research area at the intersection of biophysics, signal processing and motor learning, requiring a synthesis of knowledge in neurophysiology, speech science, audio engineering and behavior modification.


Lab Operatives

Allison McIntosh BA, Savannah Hoke BA, Allyson Goff MA, Elise Stephens BA candidate.

Previous contributors to the lab and this website: Anna Sarra, Amanda Arnzen, Tyler Martin, Mechelle DeNoble. Kayley Bevard. Hyeju Han. Mohammad Haghighi. Samantha Davis. Jieun Lee.